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Wanderlust is a strong and irresistible impulse to travel and wander. The notion reflects my state of mind and all consecutive experience.

Mary is me myself (my full name is Marina though). I was born in St.Petersburg (Russia) when it was still Leningrad in a family of mixed origin that identified itself mostly as Belarussian.


Evans look, Blue Mountains, NSW

I got my first taste of travel at the age of nine when my brother and I went to the Czech Republic to stay in a summer camp. Four years my elder, he was supposed to take care of me, which he (fortunately or unfortunately) was not told about. It resulted in lots of adventures for me though! When I was 14 I joined a group embarking on a journey around eight countries in Europe.

Ever since then nothing has been the same for me, and I have never been the same myself. My values have changed and I dedicated myself to travel and explore as much as I can. Up to this date I have visited 21 countries, studied in Finland and Indonesia, worked and studied in Turkey and Australia.

Gili Air Island, Indonesia


I was fortunate to travel a lot at an early age, and the experience I gained is like lights on the road – it shows me where to go and I understand this is pretty much the beginning of my way. Wandering and exploring the world has made my life bright and rich as no material possession can.

Today we are exposed to erroneous and corrupted information which leads to numerous prejudices towards other cultures. Personal experience is the only way to overcome the prejudices that one may have taken in by osmosis, and to get to know the amazing world around us. And you do not really have to physically travel all the time: places and things are explorable through books and movies, dance and music, arts and cuisine.

Olympos National Park, Turkey

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    Thursday May 16th, 2019

    Ur an amazing person living the DREAM! Travel, have fun and live to the fullest. Im from nepal and will recommend u to visit nepal whenever u get an opportunity. you certainly wont regret it… xD
    ill also make sure to follow you in Facebook. Enjoy


Istanbul, Turkey

Hi! I'm Mary - professional wanderluster. Here I share my travel stories, tips and photographs. Follow me and we shall discover the amazing world around us.

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