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Stockholm may be challenging for budget travellers as accommodation, transportation, food and drinks and entry fees may require considerable amount of money. But sooner or later the road will take you to Stockholm, and you will be literally charmed with its historical communities as they make you the Scandinavian spirit. However,  it is Stockholm museums that are the real treasure and worth discovering.

While average admission fee to museums may vary from 100 too 200 SEK and to boat tours up to 300 SEK per adult, I would like to give you a couple of helpful tips. First, spend some time and make a plan: think what you wish to visit and where it is located (as public transportation is not free either). Stockholm Pass is a good option to make you save money, provided your schedule is intense. Its allows you to enter many (if not all) museums and attractions in Stockholm during 1, 2 or 3 days. You can also add a Travel card to your Stockholm pass by paying around 100 SEK extra. Again, only your schedule and simple maths will help you to decide what is best for you.

Another option is to check what days the museums offer free admissions, so you can both save more and see more. Not all, but again many museums have free entry at least once a week and on some holidays. I have listed below my favourite museum, you may have yours:


Vasa is a warship lifted from the deep of the Baltic sea in middle of XX century. The museum building is built around the ship where it is the centrepiece while each floor exhibits peculiarities of naval life of XVII century and the ships’ story.  Due to absence of ship worms in such cold and unsalted water, the condition of the ship was literally astonishing even three centuries later.

Having set off for its first journey in 1628 Vasa started to drown in less than 1,5 km from the shipyard. The ship was built at the order of Gustav II Adolf and he himself was following the construction meanwhile constantly adding the number of cannons. Overloaded, the ship simply hasn’t survived from the gust. Interestingly, nobody was punished: the main designer had already passed away from an illness, the rest of team was claimed innocent. Here you are – the roots of Swedish justice.


In anticipation of its first exhibition’s 100 year anniversary, the historical Museum of Music will be united with two other museums, which will form a new Museum of Performing Arts. Even before the renovation the Music museum was super attractive for all music friends: rich collection (the oldest items date back to 16 century) and the fact that you can touch and try to play some of the instruments. No doubt that after the opening of new Museum of Performing Arts, planed for February 2017, one will spend there even more time. By the way, the museum takes place in the Swedish oldest industrial building – royal bakery.


Skansen – the world’s oldest open air ethnography museum –  is another Stockholm’s must see. Grab a map or download an app and dive into traditional Swedish rural life from Skåne (south) to the North. You’ll  get to see furnished houses and farmsteads, beautiful gardens and shops with hand made crafts and Swedish design items.


Located just in the centre of Gamla Stan Nobel Museum is hard to miss. Aiming at spreading knowledge and creating interest in natural science and culture, it will tell you about the Nobel Laureates. For budget travellers, in addition to Stockholm card, free admissions are applied  on a weekly basis, used to be Tuesdays 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., but better  to visit the website confirm.


The residence of the Dannish kings in Hillerød – Frederiksborg Palace – influenced the building of the Nordic Museum, while its initiator was Artur Hazelius, whom we also owe Skansen. The museum is dedicated to the Swedish culture and ethnography. ‘Get to know yourself’ is the motto Hazelius has chosen for the museum. Admissions are free from October to May on Wednesdays between 5 and 8 p.m.


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